PocketGuru Account Deletion

At PocketGuru, we value your privacy and understand that you may wish to delete your account and associated data. We respect your right to control your information, and we’ve made it easy for you to do so.

How to Delete Your Account

To initiate the account deletion process, please follow these steps:

  1. Log In: Log into your PocketGuru account.
  2. Settings: Go to the “Settings” section of your account.
  3. Account Deletion: Look for the “Account Deletion” option.
  4. Confirmation: Click on the “Delete Account” button and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your request.

What Happens When You Delete Your Account

When you delete your PocketGuru account:

  • Account Data: All personal information associated with your account, including your profile, course progress, and certifications, will be permanently deleted.
  • Access: You will lose access to all PocketGuru features and content.

Important Note:

  • Irreversible Action: Account deletion is permanent and cannot be undone. Once your account is deleted, you will not be able to recover any of your data.
  • Pending Purchases: If you have any pending purchases or subscriptions, please cancel them before deleting your account.
  • Data Retention: We may retain some anonymized data for statistical and analytical purposes, but this data will not be linked to your identity.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about deleting your account or our data practices, please contact us at info@pocketguru.net

We strive to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, and we value your feedback.

Effective Date: July 1st 2024